Thursday, July 5, 2012

Waiting for Levels

Just went in to get blood tests done and strap the halter monitor to my chest for recording my heart. Pretty excited to find out what is instore. Alot of the talk seems focused around my hyperthyroid controling the atrial fibrillation. Reading up on the Thyroid, its amazing how many systems are controlled by it, pretty much everything. It could be the reason my breathe becomes extremely labored at times as though the air is stopping in my throat and I eat as much as I do. The thyroid controls metabolism and having it inflamed would make my throat constricted and breathing difficult. The Interns looked very satisfied at the results saying that everything is pointing in the same direction. Its hard to wait until tuesday's results knowing that there is a chance all my energy and virility could return in the coming weeks. My mind yesterday was remembering all the periods of labored breathing throughout my life and to think I might feel better than when I felt good years ago and was running. That all of this could be a very transitional point. To be able to run with vitality again is a thought that is hard to wrap my head around. It will also be interesting to see how my liver is working and how all my Iron, Electrolyte, Vitamin, other blood levels are functioning. So Exciting!