Tuesday, October 25, 2011


TE 3.6/ .42
5 caffeinated "uneasy" miles

Loop around Owasso w/ 1 mile add-on

     Drank 3 liters of tea all day! Too much caffeine, heartrate was really high, couldn't keep pace down. Really focusing on the arms staying close to the body and a driving force for legs and balance. Symmetry keeps from a waste of energy. Having a harder time trying to breathe through the nose lately. Maybe with less caffeine it can become more of a possibility. Gonna ween myself of the stuff, see what a difference it makes.
    Taking the mileage down a bit for recovery and building again is a good idea. Adding a bit here and there were energy and muscles allow. It would be nice to get 100 miles a week and easily before I start adding hills.

Monday, October 24, 2011


TE 2.6/ .45
5 miles easy

Loop to Alton Baker and back.

     Camping this weekend feels like I went back a step. Frustrated because I forgot so many things and puking the first night didn't help. Think it was the combination of "extract" and way too much wine. The next day I wasn't so much as hungover as I was emptied out. The rest of the weekend was just wierd.
    I have been tired all day. The 2 liters of tea I had didn't move me a bit, a sure sign of exhaustion. A couple easy days and some sleep will get me back to new and preparing to run many many miles.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


TE 2.8/ 2.00
14 miles easy

Fern Ridge Bike Path via Polk and the bike path.

Legs felt okay starting out. Soon enough they started to feel overall tired. Not like a muscle soreness but, achy. I kept wondering if it was from doing the weights lately with all the Core stuff or starting to use the foam roller. So, after the run I stretched and did no rolling or weights. Leaving for camping tomorrow so I'll do a solid run, weight, core, stretch thing. I like doing the strength stuff after longer runs. However, might have to tone it down a bit considering recovery.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


TE 2.6/ .45
5.5 miles easy

Loop around Defazio Bridge and Back. Legs felt sore and swollen. Been stretching and rolling again on a daily basis. I feel like when I was Vegan and stretched and rolled regularly, I felt a bit more limber. Plus, its relaxing. Alot of times Ill find myself stretching much more than expected.

Started using Aim Leaf Greens again to see what it will do without all the plant matter in the lungs. When it comes to the history of that, Im pretty excited about it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Too Much Wine

TE 2.8/ 2.10
15 miles easy

Alton Baker to meet Lindsay for a D street loop on bike path. Legs felt a bit sore, especially after the 10 mile mark. The Lunges really nail on the glute and hamstring area. Think it will help for form along with Core work. With being out of work I'm so motivated, course I never really needed alot of motivation to run. Enjoying doing mellow miles, excited to start hammering some hills but, my body is telling me to take it pretty easy. Super sunny Fall day that was awesome to enjoy outside. Its been kinda interesting not leaving the house til 3 for a run. I really enjoy the run alot more and the fact that Im not working is great on my body.

-Cleaned Room.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hangover Day! -

TE 2.5 / 1:45
11-12 miles easy

Headed North to Ayers Road and back around to Ferry Street Bridge via Oakway neighborhoods.

Bit of a hangover from hangin' a bit later than I'd hoped to last night. Did the Powderwhores film and Meiji with Backcountry folk. Not sleeping much the night before and having hangover sleep does not aid in recovery. Heart Rate was alittle high considering the pace. Ankle felt tender from time to time. If no desire to run tomorrow morning, don't. Maybe a walk or a run that defy's your perspective of slow and short. Did some Core stuff after the run and some Lunges and Calf Extensions.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Off and Recovered A Bit +

Wednesday: Off! Energy level felt fine. Just an exercise in listening to my body. Legs were pooped yesterday, I take tomorrow off. Walked all over town, somewhere around 8-9 miles doing errands.

TE 2.8 avg HR 137
13 miles - easy

-Ran to meet Lindsay at the Softball fields on 24th. Did a loop down Agate to the river and came back up Fairmont. Was relaxing, just chattin'.
-After taking yesterday off, the legs definately felt much lighter. Didn't feel 100 percent but, when do they ever? When they feel not sore but, heavy and dead its like you cant keep them in a straight line. Like your muscle memory is so tired your brain cant control them as easily. I think then that is a good sign to take a recovery day :)  For the next couple off weeks it will be a good time to really "use" the information that my body, i.e. my legs, is/are feeling. Its never a good thing to push it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crapped Out and Dead Legs -

TE 3.8 avg HR 152! 8:20 min/mile
10 miles - a bit beyond easy
Bike Path to Alton Baker/ One Loop with Lindsay, then run home.

-Ate stew trying to cram some calories into my body before I drug it down the road to meet Lindsay. This run was an exercise in excess. If I hadn't been meeting Lindsay, which has been very fun, at Alton I probably would have turned around and made it a recovery run. Heart Rate pretty high for the pace and I struggled to flop my body down the trail. Having a migraine didn't help things. Legs were tired, heavy, and uniformally spent. Tomorrow will be easy. The goal for this early season running is to build up to a good base including hills and not do any "hard work" until all systems are a go. I have to remember that my body will tell me when its ready to kill it.