Monday, June 25, 2012

Iron Deficiency

          Things have taken some turns this week. Legs/knees feel weak from all the downhill since I just started running again, just really haven't been recovery. Saturday I felt pretty out of it mentally. Cayly and I got on Wildwood and immediately I thought, Im pushing this. Just felt in another world. Really out of it and irritable all morning too which was very frustrating after having such a good two weeks of running.  After work on Sunday I was checking out some blogs stuff and came across this website about a guy dealing with anemia and iron deficiency in his running. I posted a response about when I was cycling a bunch and had anemia really bad and took a supplement called Floridax that helped out alot. Immediately I was like,"Duh!" A light came on finally. All this had to be related to the iron deficiency Ive dealt with several times in the past! I just completed two years of ridiculous mileage, while being vegan, ran my 100 miler, and have had all the symptoms of irritability, stress, frustrations, and fatigue that encompass all this.
           I was more excited about this possible solution to my energy woes than anything Ive yet to come across. So, I quickly walked down to Whole Foods and picked up a bottle. Other than sleeping kinda wierd last night, probably from taking two back to back doses before bed, I feel a bit more alert already. However, at this point it could be the extra Vitamin B complex that it has as well. Ill be able to tell more in the coming weeks with recovery and running energy.