Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Day's after the First

          After running Friday and Saturday and "enjoying" the sore and tight muscles that come with several months off I planned on taking Sunday off to walk around to facilitate blood flow. Walking down stairs became a chore. My body felt good otherwise and it was extremely nice to get the lungs opened up out on the trails. Especially for the first couple of weeks I think it will be good to not use the heart rate monitor. It's just frustrating when the numbers bounce from 125 to 190 at the drop of a hat while descending and sometimes reaching 222. I feel that most of these abstractions are interference and delayed readings anyway. I have noticed that I do have a bit of an irregular heart beat which I have been told is a bit normal, sometimes it just has to play catch up.
          With my plan being to take Sunday off, Monday was still up in the air. The basis for my continuity is recovery and especially while Im still getting started I feel it best to be very generous with my body. So, with my calves still being a tad on the sore side Monday, I took it off. As I write this Tuesday morning feeling quite better I feel good about my decision. Flexibility is key. Better to take an extra day of one week than a full week or more off down the road.
          As far as for Sunday's run with Cayly, man it was nice to get out. We did Wildwood from the Birch trail to about a half mile past Alder trail making it alittle over 5 miles. Weather was perfect, sunny and warm enough to take the shirt off. Legs felt pretty pooped and sore. Thought the run would be good for 'em and loosen some stuff up. It didn't but, all in all I think it was a good decision to run, especially without the heart rate monitor attached to my chest.