Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crapped Out and Dead Legs -

TE 3.8 avg HR 152! 8:20 min/mile
10 miles - a bit beyond easy
Bike Path to Alton Baker/ One Loop with Lindsay, then run home.

-Ate stew trying to cram some calories into my body before I drug it down the road to meet Lindsay. This run was an exercise in excess. If I hadn't been meeting Lindsay, which has been very fun, at Alton I probably would have turned around and made it a recovery run. Heart Rate pretty high for the pace and I struggled to flop my body down the trail. Having a migraine didn't help things. Legs were tired, heavy, and uniformally spent. Tomorrow will be easy. The goal for this early season running is to build up to a good base including hills and not do any "hard work" until all systems are a go. I have to remember that my body will tell me when its ready to kill it.