Tuesday, October 25, 2011


TE 3.6/ .42
5 caffeinated "uneasy" miles

Loop around Owasso w/ 1 mile add-on

     Drank 3 liters of tea all day! Too much caffeine, heartrate was really high, couldn't keep pace down. Really focusing on the arms staying close to the body and a driving force for legs and balance. Symmetry keeps from a waste of energy. Having a harder time trying to breathe through the nose lately. Maybe with less caffeine it can become more of a possibility. Gonna ween myself of the stuff, see what a difference it makes.
    Taking the mileage down a bit for recovery and building again is a good idea. Adding a bit here and there were energy and muscles allow. It would be nice to get 100 miles a week and easily before I start adding hills.