Friday, October 14, 2011

Off and Recovered A Bit +

Wednesday: Off! Energy level felt fine. Just an exercise in listening to my body. Legs were pooped yesterday, I take tomorrow off. Walked all over town, somewhere around 8-9 miles doing errands.

TE 2.8 avg HR 137
13 miles - easy

-Ran to meet Lindsay at the Softball fields on 24th. Did a loop down Agate to the river and came back up Fairmont. Was relaxing, just chattin'.
-After taking yesterday off, the legs definately felt much lighter. Didn't feel 100 percent but, when do they ever? When they feel not sore but, heavy and dead its like you cant keep them in a straight line. Like your muscle memory is so tired your brain cant control them as easily. I think then that is a good sign to take a recovery day :)  For the next couple off weeks it will be a good time to really "use" the information that my body, i.e. my legs, is/are feeling. Its never a good thing to push it.